You Won’t Be Able to Stop Playing This Borderlands 2 De-Make

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Gearbox wants you to believe that they've dusted off an apocryphal pre-cursor to their hit sci-fi first-person shooter series. Okay, guys. Sure thing.


Nevertheless, The Border Lands is terrific fun, letting you play pixellated versions of Borderlands 2's four main characters across multiple stages. The retro-styled browser game harbors the same "ooh, new gun!" addictiveness as the big-boy versions of the 2K Games-published franchise. You can sample right The Border Lands here. But, c'mon, Gearbox. Do the right thing and release this as a mobile app, huh? It's what everybody else does with their old games, anyway.


Aiden Ryan

Anyone else wish you could get some ingame items from this? I know it's just for fun and all, but I like cross promotions where developers give you something from it. Maybe your highest score is automatically given as starting cash, or with the current setup of the game maybe a small fraction of the score.

Also, stay away from the randomized spread weapons, and at least my experience a spread shot rail gun. I found them to be horribly inaccurate, and after picking one of those up, it gets to be hard to get another weapon since you have to use the garbage you just got.

The little bit I played, 2 way railgun was the best. Shoots forwards and back, and goes through walls. I don't know how the damage stacked up and the gun fired a little slow, but I liked it.