You Will Be Sick Of Modern Warfare 2 By Christmas

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Call of Duty 4 sold, well, millions. So its direct sequel - Modern Warfare 2 - shouldn't be too hard of a sell. Or, it wouldn't be if the game was published by anyone else. But since it's published by Activision, well...

Advertisement the headline says, you're going to get sick of the sound of it by Christmas time. The company have taken a leaf out of both Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV's marketing campaigns, claiming the release of MW2 will be the "biggest entertainment launch of all time."

Ooooffffffff aaalllllll ttttiiimmeeeeee.

So imagine how sick to death you were of hearing about those two games. Then imagine you could be even more fed up with hearing about them. That's what the next six months is going to feel like. Only for Modern Warfare 2.


Modern Warfare 2 to be "biggest entertainment launch ever" - Activision [GameSpot]

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No offense to CoD4 fans, but I'm already sick of hearing about Modern Warfare 2 even before World at War came out. It's all everyone talks about.

I just feel like the campaign isnt gonna be touched by a majority of gamers and everyone is just gonna rush to the multiplayer.

Whatever happen to gamers caring about great single player games? Lately all i hear is if there is no multiplayer the games not worth a buy. That truly saddens me.