A quick reminder, in case you have a few gold chests left to find.

A little while back, Bungie announced that all year-one Destiny players who complete a series of challenges in the game would earn an exclusive emblem that they could lord over all the rookies who’ll join up when the Taken King expansion comes out in September.

The emblem looks like this:


The challenges need to be completed by September 9, which is a little over a week away. Update 9/3: Bungie has given everyone an extension. You’ve now got until midnight Pacific on the 14th. Get ‘er done!

Here’s a full list:

  1. Reach max level
  2. Beat the Black Garden mission
  3. Prevent the summoning of Crota’s soul (finish The Dark Below’s story missions)
  4. Capture Skolas (finish House of Wolves’ story missions)
  5. Beat Skolas in the Prison of Elders
  6. Beat Atheon on hard difficulty
  7. Beat Crota on hard difficulty
  8. Finish 50 public events
  9. Win 100 crucible matches
  10. Get all 20 golden chests (five per planet)

Most of those are no problem, and hopefully you’ve knocked out most of yours already. If you haven’t completed one or two of them and you want the emblem, better get moving.


While some players might spend this weekend grinding out 100 Crucible wins (godspeed) or beating Crota on hard (it’s easy now), I’m guessing most people will only have one of two things left to do: Defeating Skolas and getting all of the gold chests.

Good news on that first one: This week, Skolas’s modifiers are pretty forgiving. There’s Catapult, which gives you faster grenade recharge, and Angry, which makes it impossible to stagger enemies. I beat him with those modifiers a couple of weeks ago and it was totally doable. (Basically, there’s no Lightswitch, so you’ll be fine.)


As for the chests, there are a ton of resources for finding them all around the internet. This one at DestinyTracker.com is solid. I knocked out all the chests in an hour or so a little while back, and it was mostly painless. Kind of fun, even!

You can check your progress at Bungie.net, and when you’re done, you’ll get a notification that you have Become Legend™.


Congrats! You did it. You’ve “achieved the tagline,” as we say in the biz. You can now stop playing Destiny forever.


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