You Still Having Empire: Total War Problems?

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Don't fret. You're not alone. Most, if not all players of Creative Assembly's masterpiece have been struggling through various technical issues since the game's launch.


Me, I've been lucky. In the 17,563 hours I've played the game so far, the only problem I'm having is a 10-second stall whenever I click on a port towards the end of a grand campaign. It's annoying, but hardly critical.

But those of you suffering from crashes to the desktop, or corruptions in your game that stop you from progressing in a campaign, that's critical. It's also something that should hopefully be fixed in this upcoming patch for the game.

Posting on the game's official boards, Creative Assembly's Mark O'Connell has listed some of the things that should be addressed in the next update:

- Load time detection on trade routes to fix pathfinding crash in campaign (this fixes a crash to desktop)

- Some General Sound balancing improvements (this fixes some unit sound problems)

- Fixed UI Chat hang when spectator leaves unranked match with 3+ players (this fixes a multiplayer problem)

- Addressed several code issues causing crash to desktop

- Fixed several save or load issues

- Corrected campaign map agents behaviour (this fixes a crash to desktop)

- Fix to animation glitch causing repetitive sounds when battle is launched.

Fingers crossed, eh?

Next update details... [CA]



Some Steam members (lots of Steam members) have not been able to play the game since launch and Valve refuses to say anything. This is why I disagree with Steam's No Refund policy.