Two of the biggest problems with Hasbro’s nostalgia-fueled Combiner Wars Transformers line so far were a helicopter named Alpha Bravo and a pickup truck named Off-Road. Thanks for filling in, guys—your replacements have arrived.

It’s not that fans were intolerant of a helicopter filling in for a fighter jet in the Autobot’s Aerialbots team or a pickup truck taking the place of a sports car in the Stunticons. It’s just that they didn’t quite fit in. And they brought property values ways down. And we didn’t want our young robots going to school with them.

Wasn’t it bad enough the Aerialbots had to make due with a Stunticon in their line-up?

Well it’s all water under the bridge now, as Hasbro releases a pair of figures specifically aimed at letting us fans move on to fresh complaint topics, like Protectobot Groove being relegated to chest plate duty.


Available exclusively at online retailers starting this month, Quickslinger and Brake-Neck are the solution to Superion and Menasor’s phantom limb problem.

Quickslinger (or Sling Blade, as I call him) is a pretty horrible rename of Slingshot, one of the original flying five. He’s a repaint of the more appealingly-renamed Firefly (from Fireflight) with a sexy new sunglasses-sporting head.


With his power combined, he makes Superion a great deal more Superior, as seen in this lovely image from our friends at

Update: Well, shit.

Meanwhile, at the Decepticon base, Off-Road has been exiled to a lonely place on the shelf, somewhere behind the Happy Meal toys, as Brake-Neck née Wildrider takes his rightful place.


Brake-Neck is a repaint of Combiner Wars Dead End, so we know he’s quality, even if his name makes absolutely no sense. I get Breakneck, but Brake-Neck?

At least he makes Menasor look mighty fine, as demonstrated by this dynamic picture from Ben’s World of Transformers, home of the elder statesman of Transformers reviews, Benson Yee, who I’ve been reading since newsgroups were a thing.


Much better. Almost makes up for his tiny little head and horrible crotch. Menasor, not Ben.

It’s nice to see a company like Hasbro sticking up for not only its hardcore fans, but also the online retail community, which is always looking for ways to keep collector’s out of the Walmarts and Targets. Mistakes were made, jets and helicopters living together, mass hysteria, but now everything is going to be alright, until the next thing goes wrong.