You Snow Nothing, Jon Know

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Hello, Kotaku. It's week's end, and so here we are, ready to go out, be social, see people... and clear the decks before the spring video game rush arrives next week.

Are you planning on getting Diablo III? Max Payne 3? Holding out for Future Soldier or considering Game of Thrones?

Or maybe you're just gonna play some of the games from the fall that you haven't played yet?


Whatever your'e going to do, I hope you have fun doing it. Here are some things from around the internet for you to read.

And that's that. Have a good weekend, and say hello to your mother for me.

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Well, for those who don't know, last month i've been going on saying that i will get back and start re-watching one piece after sooo long of not watching it. Now after 3 weeks of watching it, im up to episode 162. No life? Maybe. Weirdo? Perhaps. New born fan? Most definitely. I never realized how much they cried in this series, and how funny it actually is. Not always LMAO funny, but at least and enjoyable chuckle. Is there fillers in this series? I have yet to find any boring episodes. Well, to be honest, out of the 162, i only skipped 2 episodes. But seriously, i have been enjoying this in english dub (don't judge me). Speaking of which, i was on the fence when i realized that the only english dubbed were Funimation dub. I really liked 4kid's' opening and luffy's voice. But Funi grew on me. And i really liked how Funi did little to no censoring. My gawd were there a lot of things that i know 4kids would have censored ......... really. One more thing, does anyone know if the english dub episodes are on hiatus right now? What are/where the release schedule? I noticed that 205 is the last dub episode. Just curious. By the time i get to the latest dub ep, i will switch to watch subbed episodes. Currently im the only one of my brothers watching it. But i got them into Bleach, and Naruto. Heck, im the one that got them all into anime. So i know i can get them into One Piece also. Man am i loving One Piece right now