You should watch this fascinating Trainer Tips documentary on the world’s top Pokémon Go player, and the incredibly competitive gaming scene he inspires in Singapore.

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There’s times when I’m like “It’s just a fun little mobile game with people wandering around catching stuff. How are there ‘top-ranked’ players?” and then I get together with friends to catch stuff. They’re super in to it and sometimes they have us join up with raid groups around town and it’s like “Oh...” I do my raids, catch the legendaries (except Moltres and Suicine #%$*@!) and have a Plus but I’m only level 31. My friends bring me to these groups and people are asking who I am, what’s my strongest, what’s my home gym (that’s a thing?!?), yadda-yadda, and I’m like “Oh me? I’m just a filthy casual.” Meanwhile, some of the people in those raid groups are catching 14 legendary raid bosses in a single day. Fuck me, right?