You Should Definitely Buy Your Child a Nintendo DS3, the 3D Version of the DS

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Demonstrating that sometimes Speak Up on Kotaku only needs to be a single link with a little color commentary, colorful commenter Killer Toilet shares with us a little holiday gift buying tip courtesy of Fox News' Kim Kommando.


Fox be trolling the 3DS. It's apparently for children "too young for smartphones". They call it a "DS3" and claim it's only a 3D model.

If you have a kid who's too young for a smartphone, there's nothing wrong with getting a Nintendo DS (starting at $100) or DS3 (the 3D model, $170).

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Mr. Moister

Taken from a Fox News article:

"In this iPhone-crazed, connected-TV obsessed, high-speed Internet world, the desktop computer is no longer relevant...Those zippy, graphics-intensive games are now the domain of consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3."

Sauce: []

And this little gem from the same article:

"Will we miss the desktop PC? Probably not...Doubtless, there will always be those of us who need to run complex formulas on massive spread sheets, crunch numbers, program databases, fold proteins, animated movies and write lengthy critiques...But for everyone else — and for nearly every other use — the computer has moved on."

The fuck is this?