The surprise Jaws of Hakkon downloadable expansion for Dragon Age Inquisition appears to be designed for people who’ve played a fair amount of the game. Out today for PC and Xbox One, it advises players to be level 20.

On Xbox One, the DLC costs $15, unless you have EA Access, which gets you a small discount.

Once you download the DLC and boot up the game, you’ll get a quest notification. You need eight power points to open up the expansion’s new area, Frostback Basin. It’s not that hard to scrounge up eight power points in this game. You might need to do a little questing, not much.


You then access the new region from the game’s war map back in your headquarters.


And you’re off to a pretty land of big trees and big mushrooms.


You’re there to find the final resting place of the last demon-hunting Inquisitor from some 800 years ago. We need to watch out for deadly Avvar called the Jaws of Hakkon (hey, that sounds important!).

Of course, if you’re not level 20, you’re gonna die fast. Into the breach, my Level 10 heroes!


We’ll have impressions later, probably from someone with a sturdier character!

No word when the DLC is coming to PS4.

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