You Shall Not Pass Up a Chance to See the Latest LEGO Lord of the Rings Trailer

If Peter Jackson had cast LEGO minifigs to star in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, then maybe I wouldn't have fallen asleep so much.


I enjoyed the films. They were just very long, and there was a lot of walking. I suppose the fact that I knew where the walking was leading didn't help. That's one of the big problems with a movie or game based on a beloved series of novels; there are no real surprises, or at least not if the filmmakers don't want the fans setting them on fire.

I just hope the LEGO version is able to poke fun at the films for their various failings. If I don't get at least five instances of the credits beginning to roll at the end of The Return of the King I'm going to burn the building down.


Anyone knows that Sam is the real hero in the Lord of the Rings, just like R2D2 is the real hero in Star Wars.

Frodo gets too much credit. ;)