Remember last week, before Fallout 4 came out, when I asked our readers to envision where their newly-emerged Vault Dweller might go? No? Well there was a time before Fallout 4 came out (I think), and according to this week’s winner it was a happy little time.

Combining two of the best things ever, Wormri walks away with top honors this week due to overwhelming reader response and making me wonder what Bob Ross would paint were there no happy little trees left. As it turns out...

We had a massive number of entries last week, so I’m limiting this week’s runners-up to the top 20 according to my whimsy. I’ve gone back through the original post and approved all the approve-able entries, so feel free to go back there and check out everyone’s wonderful work.

This Week’s Also Winners

Flawed_Logic — because that’s a very bad dog.

MrDeadScott — though the radiation probably did the trick already.

Ihsus — because many did it, but I saw his first.

AlmightyDuke | Joseph Duke — of course everyone knows your name when you say it twice.

uscg_pa —but why aren’t they doing something?

Zhesty — for Vault Disney alone.

Cartoonivore — Freedom Trail, Yellow Brick Road...what’s the difference?

toolsoldier — these are not the super mutants they were looking for.

omeanizot — for making me see double.

Schmoopi —wow, that was a good shot.

DeeROCK — for Diamond (City?) Dogmeat

Myke64 — for the gritty Duck Hunt reboot.

Coryoon — just because

Tikigod —for spoiler reasons, really.

RattleheadXYZ — because this explains so much.

designasaurus — for Dogmeat’s new master (of Teras-Kasi)

Spencer — for hire.

Oinkers — for a different sort of underground vault.

cecil_banon — because this makes sense.

DeeROCK — for knowing when to stop exploring.

And of course...

Wormri for the win!

Maybe we’ll kick off another one of these later, if I can stop playing Fallout 4 long enough.