You Need A Friggin' Screwdriver To Change Memory Cards In The New 3DS

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The most annoying thing about the new 3DS? You can't just put in a new SD card, like you could in the old system. Instead of popping off the SD card cover, like you could on the older systems, the new 3DS requires the use of tools.


Full disclosure: yesterday, Nintendo provided me with a new 3DS unit, for coverage purposes. But, getting the system up and running has been a headache. Mostly, it's because the SD card slot is underneath the hood. You need to pop off the back plate of the 3DS, which you can only do with a screwdriver. According to the manual, you need a #0 screwdriver:

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According to the screwdriver set that I purchased yesterday, I acquired a #0 screwdriver. But for whatever reason, it didn't work. So I ordered another screwdriver set from Amazon, in the hopes that maybe it'll have whatever size it is that I need to unscrew the top off, so I can put in my SD card, so I can play my god damn games.

It's not the biggest deal. It was a particular annoyance for me because, thanks to a few moves over the last couple of years, I didn't happen to own any screwdrivers. But I also don't understand why Nintendo would design the system in this way, especially when they got it right the first few times. Next to the SD card slot is the battery, something that is changed/tampered with so infrequently by average users that it makes sense to have it under the hood. But the SD card? I take that out of my 3DS pretty often! Or at least, I used to, because I like uploading the pictures I have on my 3DS, and while the upload tool the 3DS provides is nifty, it's not as quick and simple as just using an SD card reader. I guess that's gonna change with the new 3DS, once I get everything transferred over.

And don't even get me started on the headaches around transferring accounts and games. Get this: you can only have your Nintendo Network ID account active on one 3DS at a time. Except, Nintendo banks on many users having multiple 3DSes. That's why they're not packing the power cord into the boxes with the new 3DS: they assume it's likely that people will already have a 3DS, so why inundate them with AC adapters? By that same logic, why can't I link my account on multiple 3DSes? I'm not saying I should be able to have multiple copies of the same game across multiple systems or whatever, but man, setting up a new 3DS shouldn't be this annoying. Then again, it sort of feels like Nintendo just being Nintendo, doesn't it?


Sigh. Sony and Nintendo need to take cues from smartphone creators for their next handhelds design. Things need to be simpler to access and use the already set standards for charging, memory, etc.