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You Must Know About This Wild PC Game

Not many games have you helping a frog obtain a Wi-Fi password. But this seems all very normal in the world of Jazzpunk, a bizarre first person adventure game unlike anything I've ever played.


Imagine if Gravity Bone, the freeware first person spy adventure were expanded into a full game, but along the way was mixed with the absurd. Locales, people and even everyday objects are just weird, not to mention extremely funny in Jazzpunk.

To prove I've not lost my marbles I've provided video evidence above. Jazzpunk is out later this year for PC and Macs.


Music credit: Quantum Jazz.

Wish to tweet words at me? I can be found here @laserfrog.

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Your voice, provided that is in fact your voice and not a robot imposter, is transfixing and quite perfect for talking about this crazy, wonderful, and amusing looking game. I know, I'm focusing on weird things.