As awesome as owning Pokémon would be, it would undoubtedly come with some drawbacks—just like owning real pets would. But if the newest Pokémon trend is anything to go by, it would be kind of hard to stay mad at our Pokémon.

Right now, tons of artists are taking the "pet shaming" meme and are applying it to Pokémon—and the results are hilarious, as the top image made by cross-fiction can attest to. The fun thing is that this meme isn't limited by things that real pets can do, as often the punchline revolves around the abilities that Pokémon can learn and the negative effects those moves could have on day-to-day life. Espurr for example would doubtlessly kill everything around it, because it's a terrifying demon Pokémon.

Here are some of the best Pokémon shaming images we've seen floating around.

(By boundless-expanse)

(By caponespaws)


(by missloon)

(by calicorn)

(by chuz0r)

(By skittyart)

(By mooleche)

(by ommanyte)

(By figydaflygon)

(By inigoh)

(By alternlsdlm)

(By derthercksdoodles)

(By cherrypicturepile)

(By raygirlramblings)

(By batsart)

(By Queerbriel)

(By vixyhoovesmod)

(By perahiko)

(By yuki-menoko)

(Thanks, OtakuMan!)

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