You Might Think This Is a Star Wars VII Trailer. It's Not.

This is exactly how I'd imagine the first trailer for J. J. Abrams' Star Wars flick to look like. Except with more lens flare. And music from Two Steps From Hell. And some extra scenes with space battles in them. On second thought, it wouldn't look like this at all.

Director Todd Sandler calls his one-minute-forty-second short a 'proof of concept' and an homage to Star Wars. As far as homages to Star Wars go, this one's pretty darn great—and hey, if it leads to something more, all the better. Here's to a full-length Star Wars: The Apprentice.


Star Wars: The Apprentice [Vimeo]

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Ugh, that was miserable.

Look, most people think Star Wars is all about choreographed lightsaber fights, but it's really not. It's about the story. IV and V are the best films and they have the least amount of lightsaber fighting in them. In the prequels the damn lightsaber comes on every two seconds...did it make those films good? No.

If these movies are like the prequels, and the story is just "what can we do to get as much lightsaber screentime as possible", then the films are going to be awful.