A group of very serious fans want to make a web series based on Skyrim. So far, so modern internet, but what's setting the pitch for Skyrim: The Shadow Cult apart is the level of professionalism that's going into the production.


Instead of just tossing robes on a few friends and letting computer effects do the rest, the team have commissioned some of the biggest names in cosplay—like Harrison Krix—to build props and costumes. The results are as good as you'll see... well, maybe not in the movies, but definitely TV.


The aim is to shoot five 20-30 minute episodes, which at the end can be combined to run as a feature. What I'm most impressed with, though, is the location. Most efforts like this end up being shot in some guy's garage, or a warehouse, in front of a green screen. At best, they drive to the nearest woods.

To really nail the remote, mountainous feel of Skyrim, the team will be filming in the forests of Millinocket, Maine, a location "so remote in the height of winter its only accessible by snow mobile accross a frozen lake." Or a fast travel.

Funding for the project is currently up and running on indiegogo.

Skyrim: The Shadow Cult - A Fan Mini Series [indiegogo]

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