You May Like, The Next PlayStation 3 Firmware Update

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Someday soon, you'll be asked to update your PlayStation 3's software. When you do, you'll be ready for the PlayStation Store's new "recommendations" feature. Consider it a new way for you to be sold things via the console's PlayStation Network.

It's not cross-game chat or software emulation for PlayStation 2 games or auto-syncing Trophies—currently the top three most requested features on the Share site—but maybe it'll turn you onto something new and undiscovered. Expect PS3 firmware 3.41 any minute now, along with PSP firmware 6.31.

Next PS3 Firmware Update Adds PlayStation Store Recommendations []

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They call me THE FEAR!

Why are commenters getting mad? It's just a small update (albeit useless). Why does it have to become a big deal every time Sony releases updates/patches?