Final Fantasy XIII Is Coming To PC

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Remember back in the day when Square announced that Final Fantasy XIII would be coming to Xbox 360 and everyone freaked out? Hold onto your keyblades: now it's coming to PC, too.


Steam lists the RPG for release on October 9, at $16. Seems like a straight port. Square says they plan to release the other two FFXIII games on Steam in the coming months too, with both FFXIII-2 and FFXIII: Lightning Returns slated to be out by spring 2015.

It appears to be Final Fantasy Week. Yesterday, Square also released Final Fantasy IV on Steam, announced a March release date for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and revealed a stunning new trailer for FFXV.


Jason Schreier

You know what game I really want to see on Steam already? FFXII. Also, on Vita.