THE CLOCK IS TICKING, BAUER. On April 1, Netflix is removing 24 from their instant streaming services. That means you have just one week to catch up on the high-octane show before it comes back for a 12-episode limited run in May.

This is terrible news for those of us who have been rewatching the Jack Bauer Power Hour, and a sobering reminder that Netflix, like all good things, is ephemeral.

So we must ask ourselves: WWJBD? The answer, of course, is that Jack Bauer would set up a perimeter, scream "DAMNIT NETFLIX I NEED MORE TIME," and then spend the next seven days binge-watching all eight seasons of 24. Each episode is something like 42-45 minutes, so if you start now, and you don't sleep, you can probably finish it all by April 1. (You can skip season 6 if you want. It sucks.)

Alternatively, if you have Amazon Prime, you can still stream it on their TV service while we wait for Bauer to go kidnap and torture everyone in Netflix HQ.