You Ever Wonder What The Bottom Of An Avatar Shoe Looks Like?

Well, have you? No? Well, if you ever did, Kudo Tsunoda and the technology behind Microsoft's Project Natal finally make it possible for you to uncover the fascinating mystery of Xbox 360 Avatar footwear.


In what was probably the most LOL-worthy use of Microsoft's Project Natal tech, Tsunoda asked, but didn't wait for a response as to whether you gave a shit about what lies beneath an Avatar sneaker. Instead, he kicked it with a "Well, BAM! There it is."

And that spawned our favorite video remix of the week.

From the hardworking jarosh of NeoGAF. Thank you, jarosh.

WELL BAM there it is - REMIX [Vimeo]



I don't understand, the technology worked perfectly in the video that MS showed! It managed to make that kids' skateboard glow when it "scanned" it, and had no problem discerning four different people's bodies and minor hand gestures from the low-lit couch they were sitting on in the quiz game. This must have been user error, we've already seen that the technology is full-proof...