In case you don't know, Pokémon fusion, or Pokémon splicing, is when you take two Pokémon and smush them together to create a new one. You can do it yourself on a website, but the fusions you get that way may or may not look cool. These fusions, on the other hand, drawn the way they are, definitely look cool.

Nineteen-year-old Josi, self-professed "wannabe concept artist" and purveyor of extraordinary fanart, posted this series of Pokémon fusions to Tumblr over a period of two months. They look amazing, and it's pretty fun to examine each fusion and identify which part is from which source Pokémon.

This last one deserves its own introduction—it's a fusion of every fire-element bird Pokémon from all six generations. It looks suitably awesome:

If you want to see more of Josi's work, Pokémon or otherwise, check out her Tumblr and deviantART pages.

This is my artblog [Josi@Tumblr]

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