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Popular Japanese idol Shoko Nakagawa has varied tastes: Playing Final Fantasy VII, cosplaying Super Robot Taisen and putting her cat's head in her mouth. She's an otaku, but is she an otaku's otaku?


In an interview with Otaku USA's Patrick Macias, Nakagawa says she might not be considered an otaku by the hardcore. "I play video games and enjoy anime until the early morning," admits the idol. "Normal people might think I'm an otaku just because I'm into anime and video games," she says. "But hardcore otaku, who might know much more about anime and manga than me, could say, 'No, she's not really an otaku.'"

Oh, but you are otaku, Shoko-tan! Don't sell yourself short. Case in point:

"We only have a limited life. You don't know how many more pictures you can draw. You don't know how many more songs you can sing. You don't know how many more times you can play with your cat," says Nakagawa. "You don't know how many video games you can complete while you're alive... I'm constantly thinking about playing Final Fantasy VII." Deep.


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