You Could Kill A Super Mutant With This Homemade Fallout Weapon

The Shishkebab is one of the more ridiculous melee weapons in Fallout—I mean, it's a freakin' flaming sword! And GreekGadgetGuru built one like it, in real life. The thing looks crazy dangerous.


If you're the impatient type, skip to 2:50 in the video to see the thing in action.

Now, compare his creation with the Shiskebab in the game (image via Gameranx):

Illustration for article titled You Could Kill A Super Mutant With This Homemade emFallout/em Weapon

Not an exact replica, but it works similarly and mostly looks the same. I wonder if GreekGadgetGuru wrote up some schematics? I have a super mutant problem at current, you see.

V2.0Flame Machete FallOut Shishkebab MUST SEE!!! [GreekGadgetGuru]

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The Owl Bard

I suppose this is one of those cases where something looks cool in a game but when copied in real life doesn't also translate it's coolness.

Sure it looks cool, but i'm always a guy on practicality of weapons. It took too long to boot up the flames, once the flames were lit the valve to increase them was in the area where the flames were. If he didn't have a gloved hand on then he would have burned himself. Also when he cut through the water melon, it put it out.

Definitely a brag-able item, but not the first thing i'd reach for during a zombie apocalypse.