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We may earn a commission from links on this page

You Can't Watch The New FFXIII Trailer Yet, Let Me Describe It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The climax of tonight's Final Fantasy XIII party was the game's brand new trailer. It will be shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show, so all attending will be able to check it out.

Tonight, however, only a hundred or so individuals were able to see it. The trailer is so new that many Square Enix staffers hadn't even seen it yet.


During our liveblog, I wrote about the trailer. Fact: it's hard to type and watch something at the same time. But I did my best, trying to pull images or scenes that convey what exactly was going on.


If you didn't read the liveblog, here is my description of the trailer. It doesn't do it justice. It's not supposed to. What it is supposed to do is hopefully clue in those who weren't able to see it, but wanted to.


The trailer opens with a voice over. A young girl says something like "The future is scary because you cannot see it." Character Snow Villiers is on some sort of bike craft with teenage girl Serah. Fireworks are exploding around — it's beautiful. Even though, she's considerably smaller than Snow and younger looking, they lean in for a romantic kiss.

Cut to an airshift, which is descending. PSICOM soldiers deploy. Silver-haired Yaag Rosch orders the troops forward.


This is followed by a montage of game play scenes, complete with boss battles and footage of characters Hope and Snow running through the field. It gives a taste of what it's like to play FFXIIII. Sazh Katzroy's Summon appears and goes into Gestalt Mode — which is a race car. Very surprising transformation and Sazh hopes into the vehicle.

Quick scene of Lightning talking with Serah. Cut to Jihl Nabatt interrogating Sazh Katzroy.


Another quick cut to orange-haired girl Oerba, who drops to her knees and holds onto Serah's skirt saying, "I'm so sorry."

We get a scene of an aircraft flying through electric bolts.


Another scene. It's day time, and we're up in the clouds. Serah falls out of an aircraft, and Snow calls out after her.

Cut to Snow with his shirt off. His chest appears to be bandaged. There is male nipple action. He is surrounded by the Cocoon army. The troops have their weapons draw, laser sights pointed at Snow's chest. Yaag steps forward as Snow begins to talk them down.


Series of quick scenes: Sazh and Oerba having an argument. Hope pissed off. Snow pissed off. An explosion. Snow is carried by troops past a lady with brown hair and a tattoo.

Serah collapses onto the ground, saying "Protect me."

During the mid-point of the trailer, the game's theme song, "Kimi ga iru kara" (sung by Sayuri Sugawara) kicks in and plays throughout the trailer.