You Can't Play Evolve Yet, But This Is The Next Best Thing

Evolve, the next game by Left 4 Dead devs Turtle Rock Studios, looks fantastic. And while you can't try the co-op shooter just yet, you can see how an Evolve match plays out from any perspective you'd like in this interactive trailer. Yes, you can even see the match from the perspective of the monster.

The available roles, in case you need refreshing: there's Griffin the Trapper, Markov the Assault, Hank the Support, Val the Medic, and of course, Goliath the monster. Each person has a distinct role, with the humans trying their best to kill the monster in a 4 vs 1 match. Seeing how each class plays in a match like this one is rather valuable, for those of you wanting to figure out what class suits you best.

You'll be able to see the key elements of every class in action here: how the monster eats creatures to evolve and get stronger, how the trapper lays down traps and sees the monster's footprints, how the assault tanks and tries his best to deal damage, and how the support backs everyone up and heals (and even uses tranquilizer darts!) You'll also get a feel for one of the maps and its environmental hazards—something which will be crucial information come game time.


Judging from this footage, the trapper and monster look like the more interesting classes to me—they're not as typical as the other classes, I think, and they have really interesting abilities. It also looks like the end of matches—when the monster is banged up and some of the humans are dead—will be particularly full of delicious tension. Awesome.

And in case you're having trouble with the interactive trailer, here are some instructions:

Turn Annotations [ON] | The in-game HUD elements like health bars, jetpack meters, and player names have been hidden for this video. You can track Goliath's health and Hunters' incap states from the controls at the bottom of the screen. Use the annotations on the same overlay to switch between perspectives in real-time throughout the match.

Evolve releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in fall of 2014.

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A bit confused here, is it 4 against 1?