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You Can't Hold Australia In Risk: Halo Wars

Illustration for article titled You Cant Hold Australia In Risk: Halo Wars

Add Risk: Halo Wars to the list of Halo titles being released in 2009. The board game follows up the Halo Interactive Strategy Game released last year. Try to contain your nerd-ons, guys.


USAopoly is releasing the Halo Wars-branded version of venerable strategy game Risk this Summer. It features three factions (UNSC, Convenant and Flood), six sectors, 42 territories, and 250 little plastics soldiers, all of which adds up to infinite strategic nerd bliss. We're guessing it doesn't feature an easily camped Australia, though.


Said to be built on the Risk: Black Ops style of play, allowing for shorter session games, Risk: Halo Wars will feature basic, advanced and classic gameplay rules. Expect to see it show up at stores in a few months for $39.95 USD, then to be coated in Risk and Halo fanboy drool shortly thereafter.

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I still want Super Mario Risk.