You Cannot Afford LEGO Carcassonne (Sorry!)

Illustration for article titled You Cannot Afford LEGO emCarcassonne/em (Sorry!) offers a service called Design by Me that allows hobby brick builders to dream up their own creations for which LEGO will do a one-off creation, complete with custom box. All of this is for a price. And the price for Cal Henderson's LEGO Carcassonne is high.


Carcassonne is a tile-based board game that's set in medieval Europe. It has several video game spin-offs, and Cal Henderson, who's been playing the iPhone version, was inspired by a rendering of board game Catan to do his own for Carcassone.

Henderson did his own design, which uses different interlocking designs for cities, roads and fields. Most of his time was spent rendering the images, and he says that he *should* be able to order the game via Design by Me at some point.


"I created a single tile in Lego's Digital Designer," writes Henderson. "The crossroads tile is priced at around $25, which would put the full 72-tiles game at around $2000 (the city tiles use a few more piece than the road ones). Ouch! Any ideas how you could build the set cheaper?"

Get a bucket of bricks and go at it the old fashioned way?

Lego Carcassonne [iamcal]

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