You Can Sink Los Santos With GTA V's Game-Changing Mod

Who says you need a PC version of a game to get fantastic mods? Because this is the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto V, and it's so different it may as well be an all-new game.


Made by Bushigan, it requires a modded PS3 (because you need to move some files around), but once that's done you can sink Los Santos. And drive around the state in a submarine, whispering BioShock quotes the whole time.

Here's two videos showing the mod in action. If you qualify to run it, you're going to want to bring a wetsuit.

[GTA 5/CFW] Tsunami Mod by Bushigan +Download [YouTube]

Gta 5 - Tsunami Mod - Submarine [YouTube]


I never thought you could ruin Bill Withers.

Little did I know I would be proven wrong today.