You Can Pull Off Han Solo Stunts In Elite: Dangerous

Kirk "two weeks as a space commander" Hamilton has nothing on this person. The stuff they come up with thanks to all of Elite: Dangerous' cool details is totally nuts. Seriously, this is like something out of a great sci-fi movie.


The video's a bit long, so here's a quick summary of the nougaty, completely nutty goodness within:

Basically, this person figures out how to smuggle illicit cargo by becoming functionally invisible to security outside various stations. Normally if you're carrying anything illegal when you try to dock at a station, you get angry-hornet-swarmed by guard ships and blown to spacely smithereens.

This pilot, however, had an idea: they decided to go in completely undetectable, even though it meant they couldn't really control their ship. Shields and engines off. Only inertia and freezing black nothing to guide them. Their ship's windows ice over as the vacuum looms, cold creeping, constricting like a fist, in heat's complete absence.

The last segment of the video, especially, is totally insane. In order to dock and sell their illicit alcohol at a station, the pilot shuts down everything miles out, gives the engines one last boost up to 300 km/s, and then coasts into the itsy bitsy entryway. The guard ships never suspect a thing.

It's like a perfect hole-in-one in golf, but with more space ships and certain, grisly death if you fail. Would that more golf games also had those things.

Man, though, what a cool thing. It's wild too: so many of Elite: Dangerous' basic actions—trading, flying from station-to-station, etc—are pretty mundane, but the sheer level of detail pumped into every crevice and crater brings it all to life.


As a result, you get these crazy space captain fantasy moments that you create. This person (well, someone else whose tactics they were trying out for themselves, technically) came up with a plan fit for a TV show or movie—both Star Wars and Serenity had scenes kinda like this—on the fly. The game gave them room to do so. That's so great.

So, to conclude:


Not for this person, Kirk. Not for this person.

Thanks, RPS.



Very cool. However, Nathan, it was at 300 km/s. It would be painfully slow to fly through space at 300 km/hr.