You Can Play This Diablo III Clone Right Now, in Your Browser

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Diablo III player Tsimhyr, fed up with the game's follies, decided to do something about it and make his own version of the game. It's called Satan I, and is playable right now, in your browser.


How do you play? Hit F5.

There's a bitterness to much of the writing, but the combat mechanics seem pretty spot-on. Even the constant connection errors are a match for anything Blizzard can come up with.


Satan I is currently at v1.02. Patch notes are as follows:

v1.00 - Beta release!
v1.01 - Curtailed the drop rate to 10% and rebalanced the Internet Explorer class.
v1.02 - Added new items!

Satan I [thanks contact!]

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There's nothing wrong with the balance of Diablo 3.

I don't think a lot of the people complaining remember what it was like to try and work your way through Hell diff. in D2, WITHOUT being given gear or having gear on a bank toon. If it was your first character, or you were playing alone...progressing through Hell was BRUTAL. Absolutely brutal. As it should be. If you earned Matriarch or Patriarch in the first year D2 was out, you were a legit badass who understood your characters skills and how to gear properly.

People these days are so spoiled with "I want to be able to walk through content within a week of the game coming out !!!!" that they forget why they're playing D3 in the first place. This game is about loot and farming to get better loot. A1 is insanely easy to farm. Farm it. Get better gear. Go to A2. Farm it. Get better gear. Go to A3. Farm it. Etc. This is what Diablo is about !

Do people really forget endless Meph runs ? You died sometimes doing it ! Oh no !

What's worse is that Bliz has given people a reason to go through the entire act again with Champ packs / NV buff, and they're STILL complaining.

Haters gonna hate, but there is -nothing- wrong with the balance of the game....and stop complaining about the auction house! Don't use it & stick to trade chat if it upsets you that much, but I don't understand why people are upset Bliz has provided us with an easier way of searching for gear upgrades.