You Can Play PS4 Through Xbox One, But You Probably Wouldn't Want To.

What happens when you plug a PlayStation 4's HDMI cable into the back of an Xbox One? The same thing that happens to everything else.


The fine folks at DigitalFoundry plugged their PlayStation 4 into the Xbox One's HDMI input and — contrary to my fevered speculation — a singularity was not formed. Instead, they got the PS4 video in their Xbox One dashboard. From there they could navigate PlayStation menus, fiddle about with settings, or even launch a game, though lag issues make it a less-than-ideal means of doing so.


Either way, it's lovely to see the two of them getting along so well.

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Greg the Mad

I just noticed that today on a demostation of the PS4, was X always the "Ok" button?

X is closer to cross through text, fail, and it's edged, so basically "bad". While O is round, soft looking, basically "good".

Kinda felt unnatural to signal "Ok" with an X, instead of O.