You Can Only Get The Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition At GameStop

Illustration for article titled You Can Only Get The emSkylanders Swap Force/em Dark Edition At GameStop

Taking a break from marking up used games, GameStop announced today that preorders were open for the chain-exclusive Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition Starter Pack, which replaces the normal pack's milk chocolate with sumptuous dark... oh wait.


*reads through the press release again*

Oh! So this pack contains five exclusive Dark Edition Skylanders figures — Dark Washbuckler, Dark Blast Zone, Dark Stealth Elf, Dark Spyro and Dark Lockjaw. Apparently they're an elite squad of Skylanders who stumbled upon a plot by the evil Kaos to harness the power of Petrified Darkness. They blew up his base, heroically absorbed the resulting cloud of pure darkness, transforming into GameStop exclusives. So that's how that happens.


The Dark Edition Starter Pack will be available for Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3. The game launches on October 13. Now you'll have to buy two.

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Gasmask Lincoln Jackson

"Taking a break from marking up used games,"

We get it: you don't like Gamestop.