You can now reserve character names for WoW Classic. If you’re a current World of Warcraft subscriber, you can pre-create up to three characters for the long-awaited re-vanilla-ing of Blizzard’s fantasy MMO titan (not to be confused with Blizzard’s cancelled MMO, Titan). If you ever wanted to lay claim to “LeeroyJenkins,” “MichaelFahey,” your own real name, or somebody else’s real name that you spitefully don’t want them to have, now’s your chance. WoW Classic goes live on August 26.


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It was fucking shitshow.

(Apologies for the wall of text , and also for typos as I’m fighting my phones autocorrect)

Even by ‘logging into an mmo on a high traffic day standards it was bad.

...basically instead of 30 or 40 servers per region ( us/eu/oc) there was roughly around 10 or so .A few of them were kept for specifc languages, and what’s left was split into pvp/pve/rp and to pvp.

So in the EU ,if you spoke English , and you or your guild wanted to pvp you had a choice of two servers , called Shazzarah and Golemag

(In the US there were more I think? But not much more).

So as each name per server is unique , and now instead of maybe 10 possible servers , there’s 2 , the chance of someone having picked your chosen name is high.And being classic..with a lot of people returning and trying to find friends names are important.

So a lot of people tried to login as soon as they could to reserve a name. Only to be disconnected on log in. Then eventually picking a server , hit a huge queue ( maybe 8000) then be disconnected after getting to 5000.Then reloging back in and going to a queue of maybe 6000. Eventually logging in to a character creation screen ,making a character , naming it , and THEN see that the server name( that just appeared) is actually a different ( lower population , but different type of server) than your selected one.So you then click change realm your pvp server Annd disconnect.Repeated logins get you to a queue that’s now 11000+ and doesn’t list a wait time. And you get disconnected.And repeat. When eventually you get in to the right server , every possible combination of the name you wanted is already taken.

The above happened to me ( except I was lucky and got a guildy to keep my name using a spare slot he had.) But based on the WoW/ reddit classicwow forums it was pretty common.

I think Blizzard have either miscalculated on how many people want to play classic , or are deliberately self sabotaging it internally so as to make sure the regular , expansion led product looks good..