You Can Now Request New Pokestops and Gyms In Pokémon Go [Update]

REMKO DE WAAL / GettyImages
REMKO DE WAAL / GettyImages

Live in a place with crappy Pokémon Go landmarks? Don’t have enough Pokestops near you? Have a good idea for something that would make for a great meeting ground for Pokémon Go players? Good news. You can now lobby Niantic with Pokémon Go requests.


Requesting new Pokestops and gyms is easy. Just visit the official Pokemon Go support page, and fill out this form:

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I’m sure many of you have brilliant ideas already, like making sure that our astronauts can capture monsters on the moon. That said, do note that Niantic shies away from actual homes as Pokestops, and that submitting a request does not guarantee that it’ll be accepted—they seem to be overloaded right now, but note that requests sent via this form will be passed “along to our business development team and if they are interested they will follow up directly.”

Good luck!

Update 4:54 PM: Welp, Niantic took the option down. Here’s hoping that they took a look at some of the suggestions that people submitted earlier, at least. That said, the form is still there and useful if you are a player who wants to report things like incorrect Pokestops.


I’m sad only businesses can be gyms. ;_;

I’d love to make my house one, then run a single multi-color LED strip along the trim of my roof on the front of my house that I can change the team color on when someone takes over the gym. I bet people would geek the hell out over it.