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You Can Now Rent Goats in Japan

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Goat Simulator, this ain’t. It’s the real deal.

A few years ago, Amazon Japan began employing goats to take care of its grounds. Now, there’s a new “Yagi Rental” (“yagi” means “goat” in Japanese) service, with each goat costing 15,000 yen per month and more than ready to eat grass and vegetation.

The service points out that renting goats is an environmentally friendly way to landscape, but adds that there are several things to be aware of.


First, you must rent at least two goats at a time, because if you rent only one, the animal will get sad and lonely. Other things to note are that goats do smell and make noise that could disturb others. You know, all the things you can’t experience by playing Goat Simulator, but can firsthand with Yagi Rental. Like real goat poop, for example.

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