You Can Now Download Borderlands 2's Mechromancer DLC

Illustration for article titled You Can Now Download emBorderlands 2/ems Mechromancer DLC

Gearbox surprised fans with an early release of the Mechromancer DLC that was originally planed for an October 16th release. But instead we get it a week early.


And get it you should, because the Mechromancer is a powerful, versatile, spunky character with an amazing robotic bodyguard at her disposal.


But a specific time when the DLC would be available wasn't initially announced. So this is your friendly public service announcement that you should now be able to download the DLC from the game's menu (we've tried on PC and Xbox 360). Let us know if there are any difficulties!

Update: Proceed download with caution.

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It's not out on PS3 yet.