Microsoft is expanding its "pay as you go" plans for the Xbox 360 in the United States, adding a 250GB console (and a 250GB console + Kinect) to go alongside the 4GB console that's been available for a few months now.

For $99, you can get the 250GB unit (the 250GB + Kinect deal is $149), so long as you then agree to pay $15 a month for two years in order to access Xbox Live.

Like the original deal, you'll end up paying slightly more over time than you would if you bought the lot up-front, but as mobile phone companies (and I guess Microsoft now) are aware there are benefits to spreading the cost over 24 months, in that some people may prefer it over a fixed price.

The original deal for the 4GB console was only available from Microsoft stores; a notice on the program's website now says "Please check back later to see a full list of participating retailers", indicating you'll soon be able to get it at a lot more places.


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