You Can Definitely Have Sex To These Video Game Slow Jams

Video game soundtracks are amazing. But as lovely as they may be, most video game music doesn't exactly put people in the mood for sweet, sweet lovemaking.

Well, most. There are a handful of video game slow jams that could double as high-octane panty- (or boxer-) droppers. This list over at Topless Robot catalogues the ten best, which include such classics as "I am the wind" from Symphony of the Night (above) as well as:

"Stickerbush Symphony" from Donkey Kong Country 2...

...and "Funky Akuda Bar" from Beyond Good and Evil.

Sex-ay. The full list has a little bit of Zelda, a touch of Chrono Trigger, and the #1 spot is a choice after my own heart, particularly given that I've explored the idea of real-life victory music in the past.


I'm still not sure if any of these tunes will make my next slow-jam mix, but it's nice to know that I have the option.

10 Pieces of Videogame Music You Can Totally Have Sex To [Topless Robot]

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Sex to music? That just feels creepy.

There's usually the TV in the background, or nothing at all.