You Can Be Temporarily Banned from Modern Warfare 3 For 5000 Days

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People are getting hit with 5000-day bands in Modern Warfare 3, and the people behind the game say it's intentional.


"Yes. If you see this message, it means you've been Permabanned (for something bad)," Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling Tweeted today in response to online news site MP1st wondering about the image atop this story.

We don't know what infractions earn this kind of penalty, but they are probably very bad ones. But one man's "permaban" is another's 13-year wait.


If you receive a 5000-day ban today, don't worry. You'll be able to play Modern Warfare 3 again on August 21, 2025.

Player Banned for 5000 Days from Modern Warfare 3 [MP1st, via Twitter]

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~ Pastafaria Joe ~

I'm not a CoD fan, but these bans really ruined any want to play it at all.

I bought MW3 for my gf so we could split-screen, the day I loaded it up, we played ONE match, then we got banned. I took it back for a refund, they're banning way too wildly.