You Are This Japanese Dancing Queen's Only Hope

Cat-eared Japanese idol Toshi loves to dance, but she's forgotten how to walk. Only your mastery of physics and bullets can get her to the dance floor before she dies a horrible, dance-less death. Or just shoot her. Your choice.


If anyone is surprised that I'm checking out an iPad / iPhone game that uses a kitty girl head as its app icon, welcome to Kotaku.

Developer Nikato of Rasta Monkey and Eco Punk fame brings us Save Toshi, a physics-based puzzler of the three stars per level variety. Your task is to get dancing kitty girl Toshi to the dance floor, breaking blocks, pushing metal bits, and shooting dynamite boxes in order to propel her to her goal.


The game starts off simply enough. Shoot a wooden block out from underneath her and Toshi hits the dance floor, spouting off celebratory Engrish phrases as she starts to dance. As the game progresses the difficulty ramps up. You might have to get two platforms moving with perfect timing to transfer Toshi from one to the other, or use your endless supply of bullets to guide her down a slippery slope.

It's a mostly-harmless diversion with plenty of levels to play around with. Currently there are five worlds with 20 levels apiece, each with their own unique version of Toshi for catgirl fans to appreciate.

You can check out the free lite version of the game, but right now the full Save Toshi DX is on sale for $.99, so I'd suggest hopping on that instead. It's a lovely mix of cute and challenging at a price too good to pass up.

Save Toshi DX [iTunes App Store]

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Is this made by the makers of Pangya, or just a coincidentally similar character model?