You Are Only Sewing Skills Away From a Huggable, Functional Plush Game Controller

Okay, so you'll also need some woven conductive cloth, a spool of conductive yarn and the FLORA wearable electronics platform, but the sewing is the hard part. Adafruit's Becky Stern walks us through making an emulator-ready fluffy controller pal.


Aside from making your own superhero costume, I can't think of a better reason to learn how to sew. With all the materials readily available at the Adafruit website, there is absolutely no reason anything electronic not be cuddly as well. I have such plans. Such secret, evil plans.

Plan one, learn how to sew.

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I didn't understand anything aside from what games they were playing. Now I know what my ex felt like when I used to talk to her about my own geeky obsessions...