As Kotaku first reported back in February, some Korean high school yearbook photos can get outrageous. This year, students at Uijeongbu High School had a showdown with their principal over graduation photos. A cosplay showdown.

As pointed out by tipster Sang, Twitter user IwantAlbis from Uijeongbu High School recounted how the principal declared that graduation pics would be taken with students wearing regular clothes. Cosplay was prohibited! No dress-up antics were allowed, it seems.


Regardless, some students showed up at school decked out in cosplay in protest of the principal's policy.

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[Photo: IwantAlbis]

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[Photo: IwantAlbis]

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[Photo: IwantAlbis]

On Twitter, IwantAlbis reports that all the students had to retake their graduation photos in regular clothes. But what about their cosplay photos? The school officials and the parents that are putting together the yearbook will apparently edit out all inappropriate pics. Uh-oh.


So while there's a good chance their cosplay pics won't survive the yearbook committee, the actions of these kids have already gone viral in South Korea, appearing on numerous message boards, and even spawning at least one piece of fan art.

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사자 [IwantAlbis Thanks, Sang!]

Update: The principal has apologized and is letting students pic their graduation photos. Hooray! [Thanks, Sang!]

Top photo: IwantAlbis

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