As with anywhere, high school students in South Korea like to have some fun with their yearbooks. Some students, however, have taken fun to a whole new level.

Usually, high school or university yearbook photos look, well, like school yearbook photos: benign photos of people smiling for the cameras. Here are samples from over the years (via Naver and Daum):

In some pics, there might be posing or peace signs as in this university yearbook photo, via Kookje:

But then, there are some annuals with truly unusual pics. "Bizarre yearbooks," if you like!

And this guy is just a funny fucker:

Here are some more unusual photos:

Recently, the photos from Jeonju Haesung High School have appeared on Korean site Today Humor. You can see slight glimpses of the other students, so it doesn't seem like all of them went out for their photos. But the ones that did? Bless them.

2014년 졸업생 졸업앨범 [Today Humor]

흔한 남자 고등학교 졸업앨범 [흔한 남자 고등학교 졸업앨범]

어느 고등학교 졸업앨범 개성시대 엽기 졸업앨범 [지니짱스토리]

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