You Apparently Have Something Against Puppets

Thanks to all who voted in our Split/Second Faux Destructo Contest. Basically, you released a lot of pent-up aggression by envisioning a Split/Second-esque race car slamming through various otherwise serene TV show sets. All 5 winners below!


Fifth Place/Fourth Place (Tie):
Little House on the Prairie and A PBS Fundraiser
Rolling through an unoccupied lean-to and a phone bank seem strangely satisfying.

Third Place:
The Simpsons
"D'Oh!" Factor 3000.

Second Place:
The Bachelor/The Bachelorette
Totally on point.


First Place:
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
What do you have against retirees in cardigans and trainers?

Congratulations to our readers who suggested the top 5. They have each snagged a copy of Split/Second. Now go get your copy—Split/Second is available NOW!

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