You Apparently Have Something Against Puppets

Thanks to all who voted in our Split/Second Faux Destructo Contest. Basically, you released a lot of pent-up aggression by envisioning a Split/Second-esque race car slamming through various otherwise serene TV show sets. All 5 winners below!

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Fifth Place/Fourth Place (Tie):
Little House on the Prairie and A PBS Fundraiser
Rolling through an unoccupied lean-to and a phone bank seem strangely satisfying.


Third Place:
The Simpsons
"D'Oh!" Factor 3000.

Second Place:
The Bachelor/The Bachelorette
Totally on point.


First Place:
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
What do you have against retirees in cardigans and trainers?

Congratulations to our readers who suggested the top 5. They have each snagged a copy of Split/Second. Now go get your copy—Split/Second is available NOW!

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why disrespect Mr Rogers?

he was one of my heroes...person full of pure honesty and goodness...

you don't see anyone these days on TV with such genuine care and love for children...