Yoshi's New Island Is Like the Old Yoshi's Island. That's a Good Thing.

The new game for Nintendo's most nurturing dinosaur was available to play this week at E3 and Kotaku's Jason Schreier did exactly that. In the video above, you'll see Jason try to talk and play at the same time—harder than it looks, especially in a crowded E3 Nintendo booth—while he gives you a quick glimpse at Yoshi's New Island.


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Stephen Totilo

New Yoshi's Island looking like old Yoshi's Island didn't seem so good to me. I love the first Yoshi's Island game. It's one of my favorites. I didn't need to see it all over again on 3DS.

What's interesting about the new game, however, is what they're not showing. The new game is divided into worlds that, Nintendo says, each are done in a different art style: pastels, water colors, etc. Nintendo's always been good at using unusual art styles. Once they start showing that, I expect my impressions of this new game to improve. At E3, all they showed is the level we shot.