This spring, former Square Enix honcho Yoichi Wada stepped down. Stepped down into what, you ask? Chairman of the Board.

A controversial figure among Square Enix fans, Wada left his post as Square Enix's Representative Director. At the time, Square Enix as forecasting an "extraordinary loss" in sales and Wada's demotion was part of "a management reorganization".

Also at the time, it was announced that Wada would not be reappointed to Board of Directors. Well...according to a Square Enix corporate officer listing, Wada was made Chairman of the Board for Square Enix Co., Ltd. this June. He is currently listed as "incumbent" or holding said office. So much for not being reappointed, huh?


On 2ch, Japan's largest internet forum, people seem genuinely shocked by this news. "Wasn't this guy fired?" asked on commenter. "An overwhelming victory for Wada-san!" wrote another.

One commenter, however, pointed out that this pattern is common in Japanese companies: a demoted president is moved into another powerful position, before disappearing from the scene. "I wonder how Wada will turn out," the commenter added.

Imperial Hot in action, ladies and gents!

取締役会長 [Square Enix]

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