Yo, It's Day of the Tentacle, and it's Flashing

Illustration for article titled Yo, Its emDay of the Tentacle/em, and its Flashing

Morning, Day of the Tentacle fans!

Here's a little something readers David and Sarah Cousens (of the excellent Cool Surface) whipped up to brighten up your Tuesday.


If it brightens it up too much, well, you shouldn't have come this far. It's Day of the Tentacle fan art we're talking about here. It was always going to be a little wacky.


Day of the Tentacle - Animated! [Cool Surface]

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Samshel Darkspear

Damn it, I saw the title and got excited for some sort of PSN/XBLA release of the game, then I read flashing and thought "Oh, a new version in flash?" Then I actually read the article and got sad.