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Beautiful PSP role-playing game Grand Knights History might not make it to U.S. shores after all. Publisher XSEED has axed plans to localize the Vanillaware-developed RPG, it said in a statement this morning, citing a lack of "development resources."


Although another publisher could theoretically swoop in and pick up U.S. localization rights for Grand Knights History, that doesn't seem too likely.

You might recognize Vanillaware as the studio behind critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 game Odin Sphere. Grand Knights History also did quite well for the developer, topping charts in Japan when it was released there in 2011.

This news may or may not be related to the sudden publisher change on Vanillaware's last project, Dragon's Crown, which will be out next year for PlayStation 3 and Vita.


Grand Knights History won't be published by XSEED, 'development resources' noted [Joystiq]

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