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Yes, You Can Complete Titanfall's Campaigns Without Firing A Shot

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Those who have played it already know this, but for those who haven't, be aware that Titanfall's "campaign" isn't really deserving of the name.

It's there for...I have no idea, actually. Maybe they needed some flimsy sort of narrative to justify future action figures/cartoons/comics books? In terms of what it brings to the game, it offers very little, subjecting you to a number of regular multiplayer matches whose only difference is a few visual effects and some boring narration.


Figuring that "war is hell, but walking is nice", reader Tony decided to see if he could finish the entire Militia campaign without firing a shot. Which he duly did.


Sure, we've seen this sort of thing before; Call of Duty will usher you through a stage as a passenger, though in that case at least you're moving forwards through something. As you'll see from Tony's footage, Titanfall doesn't even bother with that.

Since you're simply playing standard multiplayer matches with some icing on top, the game doesn't care what you're doing, so long as everyone else around you is doing their thing as well. As he'd be kicked for inactivity if he simply stood there, Tony decided to "go for some nice walks". He gets shot by others, sure, but on his end, he maintains a stoic vigil of pacifism.

You know what, now we've seen this, I wonder what it would look like if all twelve players in a campaign refused to fire a shot. Just all those grunts, strolling around the map by themselves, kicking robots and grunting things to nobody in particular...