From today's story Hollywood transformed: How China is changing the DNA of America's Blockbuster movies:

There have been notable missteps. Last year, the producers of Iron Man 3 aimed for coveted co-production status but ended up cutting two different versions of the film. In one, a doctor in China named Dr Wu (played by Chinese movie star Wang Xueqi) sees Iron Man challenge the Mandarin on TV and says (in Chinese): "[He] doesn't have to do this alone โ€“ China can help," before pouring himself a glass of Yili brand Chinese milk; later, when Tony Stark decides he doesn't want to be Iron Man any more, he goes to China for the operation โ€“ scenes absent from the US version. "No one comes to China for medical care," quipped Beijing-based blogger Eric Jou in a post entitled "Why many in China hate Iron Man 3's Chinese version".

The paper doesn't link to it, but I believe it's referring to this Brian Ashcraft post which quotes Eric.